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Power chin-wag with Sebastiano Armeli-Battana

sebastianoAs you  all probably know by now, Sebastiano is the author of the successful MVC Applies to JavaScript eBook, we had a few burning questions that we wanted to ask him…  so here’s our brief conversation that we had with him earlier today:

1. For someone that’s new to the JavaScript sector, can you explain why they should use MVC?

I would say that  a JS noob should use MVC, just because it’s widely spread pattern used across different programming languages. I think they would enjoy it the most.

2. How did you start working with UI development?

To begin with I started working on translating PSDs into web pages. After a while I enjoyed the fact that I could see the results of what I was developing almost immediately. It was (and still is) really satisfying.  That’s probably the best thing in UI development in my opinion.

3. What would be your main piece of advice for someone who wanted to get started with backbone.js?

Definitely the first step would be to become familiar with all the Backbone components. Look at how the model and the view are bound together! It’s really interesting!

4. Is your book aimed at beginners, intermediate or senior developers?

I guess it is more for intermediate developers, but it could be a good read for a senior developer who wanted to brush up on his or her knowledge.

5. What was the most challenging aspect of writing MVC Applies to JavaScript?

Working full time and writing the ePub at the same time! Other than that, it was an enjoyable experience.

6. How did you first get into developing/coding?

I love problem solving and developing is all about that, right?

7. What individuals or companies do you admire most/heroes in the tech space?

Well, I admire many companies their  innovations. I will mention a few of them: Facebook, Twitter, Github, Google, Cloudfare, SauceLabs, etc. There is a long list of smart and passionate people I admire as well, too many to list really.. Paul Irish, Stoyan Stefanov, Nicholas Zakas, Jeremy Ashkenas to mention a few..

8. What sort of music do you like?

Big fan of electronic!

Want to find out more about Sebastiano’s book, think it would be an interesting read? Head over to our website to find out more about MVC Applies to JavaScript.

Is there anything that you would like to ask Sebastiano? If there is email us!


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